Learn to Support Your Anxious Child with Dr. Adrienne Matheson

Develop strategies to help your child understand and conquer their anxiety

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What are the risks of untreated childhood anxiety?

Did you know that anxiety is the most prevalent mental health concern for youth, with 20%-30% of children meeting the criteria for an anxiety disorder in their lifetime. Even more staggering is that 80% of these youth will never receive treatment. Untreated anxiety can lead to lifelong negative outcomes, including lower self-reported life satisfaction, challenges with interpersonal relationships, and an increase in internalizing difficulties. 

The good news is that the field of psychology has clear and widely accepted intervention strategies for treating anxiety symptoms.

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This course is built for busy parents - You will walk away from this course with an understanding of your child’s anxiety, as well as having developed a toolkit of practical strategies to support your child with their anxiety symptoms.

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Fred Rogers

When we can talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting, and less scary.

William James

The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.


At some point, anxiety affects 30% of children and adolescents, yet 80% never get help.

Child Mind Institute, Harvard

Untreated anxiety disorders are linked to depression, school failure and a two-fold increase in risk for substance use disorder.

Child Mind Institute, Harvard

Regular anxiety becomes a disorder when young people have out-of-proportion responses to things most of us cope with easily.

Child Mind Institute, Harvard

Anxiety is the most common emotional problem in children.

Dr. Adrienne Matheson's online course - Supporting Your Anxious Child.

Your Instructor, Adrienne

Dr. Adrienne Matheson is a Clinical Psychologist who is the Founder and Clinical Director of a multidisciplinary child psychology clinic in Canada. Over the past 10 years, Adrienne has worked with hundreds of families whose children experience anxiety symptoms.

Using an attachment framework, Dr. Matheson offers evidence-based strategies to support anxious children and their parents to better understand childhood anxiety symptoms, learn to cope and thrive despite anxiety, and prevent future mental challenges.

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Learn to reframe your child’s relationship with their anxiety symptoms Today.

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